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The Great Harmony exists outside all of us all the time, like ocean waves and tides, like radio waves, like planet and galaxy orbits.

Every Sentient Being participates in the Great Harmony; it is only our awareness of that participation that is at issue.


We who sing or dance or play or write or paint or cook or play with our kids, give love, get love, become aware of a few elements of the Great Harmony, and share those with others for a time.  I feel privileged to have discovered music as a way of doing this.


With friends Bob Colford and Steve Brown I’ve captured some of those elements on a cd at cdbaby.com:

"Twelve Dared Dreams" with Parts and Labor on cdbaby


Since I‘ve started singing again, I’ve discovered  a vibrant community of people, all over the country, who prefer live music – listening, performing, rehearsing – and work to build the “folk”  music subculture, however “folk” is defined.  (We’re all “folk”, aren’t we Mr. Zimmerman?)


Some links to friends in the folk community – People committed to LIVE acoustic-based music:

Nancy Emrich - Ms "Lil"fest in Chicago

Bills Blues in Evanston IL, Live Music 365 nights a year

MF Daisy's Salon Sunday link

Patti De Rosa's home page

Mike Delaney's home page and Java Jos Link

Pam OShaughnessy on Myspace

Art of the Song - Viv and John in Taos

Vance Gilbert - Singer/Songwriter, Vocal/Performance Coach

David Wilcox - Singer/Songwriter



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