Rick Drost Singer/Songwriter Short Bio


Rick at Bill’s Blues, Evanston IL April 2006



Rick Drost started singing with a Kingston Trio-style group in high school, and continued in a small folk group in college, the glee club and an opera chorus as well. He started writing and singing around coffeehouses in DC and New England 70s, finally settling in Cambridge MA where he started playing with the folk-rock group Parts and Labor.  In the late 90s, Rick took up choral singing again, then Parts and Labor regrouped to record “Twelve Dared Dreams”  (on cdbaby.com/cd/rdrostpal). Rediscovering songwriting with help from the (national!) live music community, Rick has  now found that living so that music comes out is its own reward.  He performs at least once a week, wherever he goes, and has enjoyed stints with great instructors and students at Song School in Colorado, SAMW and other workshops. His inspirations include Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Dave Carter, Eva Cassidy, Brahms, Mozart, and Julia Child.